The Country side Medal
This is the medal of the blood and sweet leagues, the teams that struggle very hard with not so much resources. Typically does who hold up this medal at the end of the season is our fathers and sons who have rugby as there burning hobby. On the court these local players are heroes but on a daily basis they are amongst us normal persons. They drop of their kids in the morning and “enjoy” Christmas with the mother in law.


The Green Court Medal
To get this type of medal you have to enjoy the green court out there, this kind of leagues have a close connection to association football and that is why the shoe is on the medal. Players earning rewards like this are likely to run fast and enjoy every moment of new fresh grass.


The Royal Medal
This type of award are for the players who play for there queen. In some sense they are the legacy of the games inventors. To behave in gentleman way and to show good sportsmanship is a key component in having to earn this medal.


The Futuristic Medal
When you have a medal of types type in your collection you are part of the future, this type of emblem is for those who evolve the game and takes it to new heights. This can be done by play style, meta shifting or by testing out new equipment.

Rugby a game of honor

Rugby was invented out of the football or soccer, the legends says that it was invented back in 1823 when a keen fellow picked up a ball during a football match in the English school named Rugby. By 1865 rugby had grown big enough to have it’s own organization and a rulebook which all teams in the league followed. Due to the social status of the most players playing rugby it didn’t get professional players by the time football got them. This had to do with injuries during game time, due this economical limits the Rugby clubs stayed at an amateur level and that made it stay popular amongst the rich gentlemen. This amateur and casual spirit in the game can still be seen, Rugby is a game of honor more than a game of winning or competing. Although it’s a very tough sport with more or less no protection the heat always clears out when the referee blows his whistle and the players arrange them self with military discipline, there is no room for big egos or superstars trying to do everything themselves. Rugby is a game of honor where the whole team has to work as a coordinated machine in order to get progress.

To go all the way

We all have had the dream to win it all, maybe in our youth when we played kiddie soccer or in the start of a World Championship when watching our home team or country as adults. To go all the way to the final is often great deed in itself and might be considered a win in some extent. However closing that last match, which is kind of the only match that matters when i comes is hard to not want, despite this silver guarantee it often have. If you as a player are to bee in the winning team, you canĀ“t really settle for anything less than gold. Even if you tell the reporters and fans that you are happy however this last game will come out, deep inside the will to come out on top have to burn. Not having the urge of winning a major cup or competition because of having won that title before is also something that’s impossible for a true winner. But winning comes with it’s price, not only in the form of hours of exercise and hard work for it. Some weeks after a big win one could start feeling a little empty, it becomes kind of crash landing in a void when it’s over. However someone that’s into winning have already began training to get the next win by then.