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Betting on sports is the pass time of many a sports fan. We all like the occasional bet even though we know how daft it is in the long run. Gambling will get you nowhere but broke said a wise man and he was right. Gambling is not for everyone. You need to know what you are doing and be able to pick winners based on raw data. Well at least that is what I thought until a friend introduced me to ODDSMONKEY , I have pretty much never looked back since. With the help of I have been able to completely give up gambling but make more money than I ever dreamed from sports betting. The way it works is through a process called matched betting and that means to place 2 bets on the same event to completely remove the risk. Now I’m sure that sounds pretty dumb when you first hear it, it did to me too but once I got my head around it I was off!

Basically we need to lay all our bets off at an exchange like Betfair to make the bet risk free then we can unlock free bets and bonuses from the bookmakers. That is where we make our cash. Bookmakers in the UK are forever handing out free bets to their punters to keep them betting. There are so many companies that they need to offer incentives to get the punters to bet with them as opposed to one of the dozens of other bookies out there. This allows us with a little bit of help from maths to lock in a profit from every free bet we get. It’s so lucrative that I am currently making over £1000 every month from doing this! Hard to believe? I assure you it is true and the people on the Oddsmonkey community forum are making even more than that. Some are making a few thousand a month. Hopefully I can get to that point but for now I am absolutely over the moon with these extra earnings. Plus it’s all tax free! If you want to know more than check out bonus bagger or leave me a message and I will try and help you the best I can. It’s really easy once you get into it though, don’t be put off by the maths. The software does all that for you, you just need to bet what it tells you too.

If anyone else is already into this then leave a comment so that people know it’s genuine.