The Medal


This 3cm x 3cm (excluding loop) silver medal with its inscribed blue enamel garter surrounding the date 1888 was for a long time a mystery. People from the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia freely put a lot of their time and effort into trying to establish what event it represented. The hard work of all those involved in doing so is very much appreciated. Particular thanks goes to the kind efforts of rugby historian and author Gwyn Prescott of Cardiff, Wales, who finally identified it. You can read a summary of his findings on the “About the Medal” page and view photographs of the Medal via the “Photos” link. Pages are being added as further background details are uncovered.

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I have endeavoured to add a few links to relevant sites of interest, including those belonging to the Cardiff Rugby Football and Penarth Rugby Football clubs, Cardiff Blues, Welsh Rugby Union, Cardiff Millennium Stadium websites and others, and will be adding more in time. Some of the sites not only give out current information relating to the clubs, but also include their own interesting history.